Lip Blush – How Does It Work?

What is lip blush and how does it work? We dedicate this page, the first in a series on featured techniques, to the semi-permanent make up treatment known as lip blush.

Lips are a main facial attraction. Research carried out by the University of Manchester shows that ‘luscious pouts attract more attention than thin lips.” Dr Geoff Beattie, who headed up the research goes on to add “Full and red lips combined define the perfect pout.”

Very few people have perfectly symmetrical lips and as a result of the ageing process lips can become thinner and lose their natural lustre and colour.

Semi-permanent lip blush treatment enhances the natural shape of your lips, giving them that boost of vitality and colour. No longer will you need to remember to take your favourite lipstick out with you as that fresh youthful vibrancy is naturally maintained. No longer will you have to worry about lipstick smudging onto your teeth. It is an extremely popular semi-permanent make up treatment providing a flush of colour as well as defining the lip contours. It is a very effective way of dressing the lips as naturally pale lips can instantly be given a dramatic new appearance.

Pigments are available in a wide assortment of shades to match all lip colours and preferences to provide subtle colour and shape definition, correct any asymmetry or camouflage scars. The final result will resemble a subtle matt lipstick look.

Depending on your pain tolerance, an anaesthetic cream may be applied to minimise discomfort. Selected pigments are then blended and applied into the skin with a very fine needle via a small hand held electronic device.

Lip procedure does take slightly longer than other treatments as the lips are more prone to swelling during treatment. If this should occur, swelling will quickly fade and will disappear totally within three to five days. Expect the procedure to take around an hour and a half to two hours. The colour density may appear stronger at first than you anticipated, but this will fade after three to four days too.

A top up is advised for all semi-permanent make up treatments, but is important with lip blush procedures as you will have to wait for the base of the lip liner to fully heal before creating the blush. It is advisable to book the top up appointment around six to twelve weeks after the initial procedure.
These before and after photos show how an imbalance in symmetry can be corrected. A rich pink colour, complementing skin tone, was injected into the lips giving a fuller, colourful and completely symmetrical lip line.

Research from Unilever finds that fuller, firmer lips can help women look much younger than they really are. The fact that semi-permanent make up treatments are now far more affordable will make them accessible to a wider range of women who are keen to hold back the years. Semi-permanent make up treatments such as these are not just for Hollywood stars and celebrities any more.

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