Massage Therapy
Our massage treatments incorporate different disciplines of muscle manipulation and relaxation from around the world. Whether you want a Traditional Aromatherapy or an Indian Head Massage, our therapists are trained and ready to relieve you of tension and stress. There are therapies with localised treatment of the neck and shoulders for our desk bound customers whose tension is office related or sports treatments for athletic customers wishing to improve flexibility and blood circulation or to reduce swelling and repair damage. There is also a Face and Body sensation treatment and a Reflexology foot treatment. If you are unsure which treatment is most suitable for your requirements then feel free to consult our therapists who will recommend one catered for your personal needs. You might need a Deep Tissue Muscle Massage to untangle those knots and ease out chronic patterns of tension deep within your muscles, or Aroma Stone Therapy
Treartments for Men
Can include all treatments really just to point out to clients that treatments for men available.