Skin rejuvenation for tired, wrinkled and injured skin.

Skin rejuvenation for tired, wrinkled and injured skin.

MESO Vytal is the newest and most effective painless and risk free skin treatment. The substances penetrate very effectively right to the intersection between the epidermis and the dermis and place the highly effective substances directly into the problem areas. Your treatment will begin with a very gentle AHA fruit acid peel containing a rich cleansing milk, which works mainly as an exfoliant. Then usig a special cartridge, which will penetrate your skn up to 0.3mm, then implanting the chosen substance which nurture, refresh, rejuvenate and boost the cells from inside. Finally ending with the after-care cream,your skin is able to absorb this aftercare formula and benefit from its soothing, smoothing and strengthening effect.

There will be no trauma to your skin nor any healing time.

Questions & Answers

Please contact me should you have any personalised questions via the Contact Us Page and i will endevour to answer your questions within 24 hours.

Q: How are Amiea MESO-Vytal skin treatment applied?

A: The Vytal formulations are applied using a special cartridge that has microscopic needles that only just pierce the outer layer of dead skin permitting the effective formulation to enter the dermis.

Q: Do Amiea MESO-Vytal treatments hurt?

A: No, in most instances you will only feel a slight itching or scratching sensation because the microscopic needles are only piercing the outer dead layer of skin.

Q: Do I need a prescription for the treatment?

A: No, Amiea MESO-Vytal is Cosmetic Treatment not a medicinal therapeutic and the treatments are not intended to remedy or cure any medical condition.

Q: Are there circumstances that I should not have an Amiea MESO-Vytal treatment?

A: If you have allergies to any of the product ingredients, if you experience serious skin allergies to other substances or if you have hypersensitive skin. If you have any skin abnormalities in the area to be treated (e.g. neurodermatitis, eczema, acne, psoriasis, etc), if you have any form of immunodeficiency. You may may have other health preclusions that will be discussed during your consultation.

Q: What about the older forms of skin needling e.g. dermal rollers?

A: Many of those crude outdated methods that were used in the hope of enhancing collagen or aiding penetration of lotions were not only ineffective but they can actually harm the skin because the needles are too large and they penetrate too deeply damaging the dermis and breaking small capillaries sometimes causing permanent telangiectasia (chronic dilation of blood vessels). Often the people offering those kinds of crude services using cheap hand held equipment have little or no training and limited knowledge of skin anatomy. Dermal needle rollers may have been used on multiple clients and sterility of the equipment is questionable.

Dermal rollers can cause Telangiectasia
MESO is different because the needles are microscopic and they penetrate to an exact depth just below the epidermis and the effective Vytal products are placed precisely where needed. MESO are single use clinical grade sterile chambers.

Q: What different types of MESO Vytal treatments are there?

A: There are three specific Amiea MESO-Vytal treatments formulations available; young & healthy skin, dry & dehydrated skin, and ageing skin.