Semi Permanent Makeup (SPM)

Bespoke Blading Eyebrows
The most natural hair strokes available in the microblading world! Healing and downtime in minimal. Every client will have their own golden ratio.
PhiBrows is a manual, semi-permanent technique of hyper-realistic eyebrow drawing in which the shape of eyebrows is calculated according to the face.
If you want a flawless finish without the fuss, you might want to consider semi-permanent makeup. Perfect for those who want to shave time off their beauty routine, or suffer with allergies to conventional makeup, this cosmetic treatment works by inserting micropigments into the skin. The most common services requested include microblading, lip contour, permanent eyeliner and beauty spots.Hassle-free, smudge-proof and totally glam, what’s not to love?
Lips Blush
Semi Permanent Lip Blush treatment is a very popular, it is getting huge coverage in the media now as celebrities are having treatments done.
Very few people have perfectly symmetrical lips and as a result of the ageing process lips can become thinner and lose their natural lustre and colour.
Semi-permanent lip blush treatment enhances the natural shape of your lips.Not only does the procedure perfect the shape and symmetry of your lips, but also it is smudge proof and cannot be licked or kissed off, thus ultimately saving time spent endlessly reapplying lip colour.
Beauty Spots
Beauty spots are often regarded as a sign of beauty and attractive feature. Most beauty spots are located on the face, shoulder, neck or breast.
Eyes are one of the most dominant and prettiest features on any face and semi permanent eyeliner treatments can enhance them further giving your eyes a beautiful frame or enhancement. We offer a wide array of different thicknesses and styles of semi permanent eyeliner to suit the individuals face including latino eyeliner.
Whether you chose a subtle ‘lash enhancement’ following your on lash line or a more thicker and striking look, semi permanent eyeliner promises to open up any eye and offers you the benefit of not having to reapply it everyday with the struggle of creating an even look on each eye.
Medical Tattooing
This treatment can be used in a medical capacity to correct scarred or discoloured skin following accident, surgery or disease, such as the recreation of an areola (the brown area surrounding the nipple) following reconstructive surgery for breast cancer. Depending on the area being treated, and your tolerance of pain, an anaesthetic cream may be applied first to help reduce any pain. A very fine needle is then used to place pigment into the skin at a very high speed via a small hand held electrical device. Micropigmentation can be compared to having a tattoo as the new pigment or colour is deposited in the dermal layer of the skin, just below the surface.