Venus Viva™ Skin Rejuvenation

Experience the Innovation

Cosmedicsis one of the first UK Salons to offer clients the breakthrough Venus Viva™. The Venus Viva is an FDA approved advanced skincare system that utilises two different hand pieces to enable the delivery of a mixture of patented technologies to the face and neck. The treatment is suitable for men and women and all skin types.

Anti ageing

Skin tightening

Wrinkle reduction

Textural improvement

Reduce acne scarring

Venus Viva Handpieces

1. Venus Viva Firm FX

The Venus Viva Firm FX hand piece offers a superior and affordable array of skin rejuvenation using patented Nano Fractional RF with Smart Screen technology.

Proven and approved

Safe for all skin types

Men and women

Fast, effective and affordable

2. Venus Viva Diamond Polar

The Venus Viva diamond polar hand piece offers the famous "Venus Freeze Facial" for the face and neck. It uses MP2 technology to deliver multi-polar radio frequency and pulse magnetic field. You can relax and experience the "facelift of the future".

Smoothing out facial lines

Reducing wrinkles

Tightening face and neck

Versatile Treatments
Venus Viva offering versatile treatments for the face and neck:

Venus Freeze Facial "the facelift of the future", the celebs & top models love this!

Wrinkle Reduction eye area, forehead mouth

Skin Tightening jowls, neck, chin, décolleté

Reduced Acne Scarring – for a clearer and healthier complexion

Texture Improvements   refining/smoothing the skin

Join the Venus Revolution
Globally, the Venus Systems are tried and tested, indeed causing a revolution in skin rejuvenation treatments. Patients love it because it delivers clinically proven, non-invasive and long lasting results for the face and neck. It can help reduce wrinkles, diminish lines and folds, reduce acne scars and firm the décolleté.
There is no pain, no/minimal discomfort, no/minimal downtime and no stress or surgery unlike traditional’ plastic surgery’ or some anti-ageing technologies – in fact the ‘Venus Freeze’ facial feels like a hot stone massage.

Try the "Venus Freeze Facial"

Try the Venus Viva Firm FX Skin Rejuvenation

Frequently Asked Questions

Clean, modern and approved
The Venus Viva uses a revolutionary and FDA approved mixture of patented technologies that time and time again delivers quick and lasting results for your skin problems. It is a faster, safer, more comfortable and more efficient than other RF systems. The Venus Viva special handpieces penetrate deep into the skin from inside out, which stimulates new collagen and elastin fibres that regenerate new growth.

There are no special requirements or creams to apply or use afterwards. It is so easy and clean that you can return to work or leisure immediately.
Ask for your FREE Venus Consultation
We offer a FREE consultation top discuss your needs and personal treatment programme. We do recommend a series of sessions for longer lasting results.